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Your child has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Now what?

  • You feel like you have been hit with a thousand rocks when you were told the news that your child has Type 1 Diabetes
  • You feel overwhelmed with the news that your child has this lifetime chronic condition and that there is no cure
  • You blame yourself for your child’s diagnoses
  • You are exhausted and scared of the unknown in your journey with Type 1 Diabetes

I have created a Diabetes log book so you can start writing down your child’s glucose trends.

This log book will help you and your child’s Endocrinologist team into getting the information they need to make the necessary insulin adjustments that your child needs.

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Your Log Book Includes...

Space to write down the purpose of your child's doctor visits

Space to make important notes for your child's next Endocrinologist visit

Log chart to write down your child's daily glucose levels

Ability to print the sheets over and over again, and create your own medical binder!

Ready to take charge of your child's diabetes management?

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