Gifts For Diabetics: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids Who Have Type 1 Diabetes

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Coming up with gift ideas for your child or any other child that has type 1 diabetes can be tough. You don’t know if what you are going to get them is going to make them feel sad in some way. That is why I have come up with some unique diabetes-friendly gifts that your child will love!

Lauren’s Hope Jewelry

As a mom, you might often worry about your child is away from you. What if there is an emergency? You certainly want another person to know that your child has type 1 diabetes, so he/she can get the appropriate assistance he/she needs.

Here is when Lauren’s medical alert IDs come into play! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rose gold heart pendant and the stingray dog tag necklace. As an added bonus, you can engrave your child’s medical ID! How cute is that?!

Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Heart Pendant
stingray dog tag gift for diabetes

Notebooks and Sketchbooks

Does your child have an artistic or poetic skill? These notebooks and sketchbooks are perfect for that job! Living with diabetes is no easy task. These notebooks and sketchbooks can help your child decompress his/her feelings via writing or just drawing their thoughts down when feeling overwhelmed when things are not going well.

erin condren notebooks gifts for diabetes

Funny Diabetes Shirts

In the Diabetes Community, there are a lot of us that have a funny sense of humor! We LOVE when our kids have a 100 mg/dL blood sugar level (hello unicorns!), or when we joke about our child being an insulin junkie or just loving a funny dabbing unicorn. Whichever your child’s humor is there is no wrong choice with either of these T-shirts.

insulin junkie shirt gift for diabetes
gift for diabetes unicorn shirt
gift for diabetes unicorn shirt

Cute Diabetes Supply Cases for Kids

Is your child’s diabetes supply case boring? Not anymore! Take a look at these fashionable diabetes cases. These would make a great gift for your child, from the purple diabetes case to the cute little tiger one, have your child carry his/her diabetes management supplies in style!

diabetes case for travel purple gift for diabetes
tiger diabetes case gift for diabetics

UnReal Chocolates

I grew up in a household that some of my gifts were chocolate! Yup! I was a lucky girl! So, why should we limit our kiddos of this delight? Two of our favorites are the milk chocolate, and the dark chocolate. These UnReal Chocolate bags can make the perfect addition to a gift basket for your child! They are not sugar-free but they have less sugar than the commercial chocolates. Can you say yum?

unreal milk chocolate gift for diabetics
gift for diabetics dark chocoalte unreal

Apple Watch

If your child is a Dexcom CGM user, consider an Apple Watch as a gift! If the recommendations suggested are not in your price range, read Dexcom’s compatibility recommendations for other options. The most affordable series are the oldest ones. Look into the Apple Watch Series 3.

apple watch series 3 gift for diabetics

Pancreas Plushes

Going into the sense of humor again, and also some bedroom decor, your child will love these adorable pancreas plushes! Here are two of the most adorable pancreas plushes! The I Heart Pancreas Plush and the nerdbugs Pancreas Plush. These plushes will also make a great addition to a gift basket!

gift for diabetics pancreas plush
gift for diabetics pancreas plush

Insulin Pins

Design pins are the craze right now. These pins can be placed anywhere: on a skirt, shirt, bookbag, hat, cap, etc. Another great addition to that gift basket. Take a look into the I Heart Guts Insulin Design Lapel Pin and the Pancreas Pin, I bet these pins would be the talk of the party!

insulin pin gift for diabetics
pancreas pin gift for diabetics

Omnipod Stickers

Although personally we are not Omnipod users, I have seen in numerous diabetes Facebook groups about kids placing stickers on their Omnipods. It does not affect the connectivity with the PDM at all. Have your child be in style with these cute stickers. You can get them here, here and here.

omnipod stickers gift for diabetics
omnipod stickers gift for diabetics
omnipod stickers gift for diabetics

Stickers for Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Continuing with the sticker craze, Dexcom G6 CGM can be decorated as well! Our daughter personally loves Grif Grips Extremely Pretty stickers. Look how cute they are! Boys can have some fashionable Dexcom G6 Transmitter stickers as well with the ones from ExpressionMed!

As you can see, there are a lot of great diabetes-related gifts for your type 1 diabetic child. There is no reason to have a boring gift. Just have fun looking for that unique and perfect gift. I am sure your child will love it!

Gifts For Diabetics: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids Who Have Type 1 Diabetes

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