kids bedroom with plush toys

6 Places Where You Can Get Free Type 1 Diabetes Stuff for Kids

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Our families, especially our kids go through so much once they are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Here are a couple of free things that some companies/agencies give to newly diagnosed families of children with type 1 diabetes, so they have some hope in the midst of all the chaos.

If you want to get some affordable gifts for your type 1 diabetic child, then visit my post here.

kids bedroom with plush toys

Bag of Hope by JDRF

The Bag of Hope is filled with educational materials for parents/caregivers that teach them how to understand diabetes, activity books with stickers for the kids and there is a special bear included whose name is Rufus.

Below is the Rufus the bear with diabetes

This is what my daughter did to that poor bear. Notice the different color patches it has. There is a purpose for those patches. This is where your child will be pricked for glucose checks and poked when he/she is on MDI or even on insulin pump usage.

Rufus, comes with a T-shirt that says JDRF, but my daughter lost it #momlife and #toddlerlife.

rufus bear from jdrf
My daughter treating Rufus the Bear as a baby

T1D Everyday Magic

T1D Everyday Magic is a website where Disney and Lilly Diabetes came together to provide educational content to parents and kids who have been newly diagnosed or already kids who live with diabetes.

This website has TONS of free printables, activity worksheets to download, and interactive books

American Diabetes Association

If your child is newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, then you can get for you and your family the Courage–Wisdom–Hope Kit.

This kit is informational documents for the parents and caregivers. It can be downloaded or be sent to you via snail mail.

They have a Bonus offer, where you receive a one-year subscription (free) to the Diabetes Forecast. The Diabetes Forcast features recipes, tips, and news to help you and your family live well with diabetes.

Coco the Monkey from Lilly Diabetes

This was my daughter’s favorite when I ordered it for her!

Coco is a little monkey who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. If you child is under 9 years old, Lilly Diabetes will send your child a plush Coco!

Look how cute she is!

The Coco kit includes: Coco, a banana, soccer ball, glucose meter to measure blood sugar, a log book and insulin pen. Also the box can be colored! It comes with an interactive guide for parents/caregivers.

coco the monkey
playing with coco the monkey
coco the monkey coloring book

I Heart Guts

I LOVE I Heart Guts! They have so many cute plushes, pancreas plushes, pancreas pins, insulin plushes and pins. The also have other organs, but since this is a diabetic blog, I only mention diabetes stuff.

Check out their website for free downloads of printables. They add new downloads every once in a while, and there is no need to add your email to download anything. Which is kinda refreshing, if you ask me.

Diabetes ID Necklace

When your child is away from you, and he/she has a severe low or high, where treatment is needed, a necklace or some type of ID is very important to notify the person that will be assisting your child.

The Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation gives out a free ID necklace. You just need to complete a form online and send a self-addressed $0.70 stamped envelop to the address on their page.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are low on cash, but want to get something for your newly diagnosed child, these are great options to start off your journey with Type 1 Diabetes.

If you want to get something different, low budget, then visit my post where I list affordable diabetic gifts for your little warrior.

6 Places Where You Can Get Free Type 1 Diabetes Stuff for Kids


  1. Thank you so much for creating a wonder website with free resources. Having a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is stressful enough alone but the high prices for supplies makes it that much more stressful so to find a website such as your brings a lift to parents hearts, and I know it definitely lifted me.
    My now 22 month old son was diagnosed Jan 1st 2021 at 16 months old. He will throughly enjoy some of the gifts I was able to request on your site.
    Thank you with al my heart, from one mother to another. Wishing you and yours the best

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