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Backpack for Diabetic Supplies: Sugar Medical Review

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As with many of our trips outside our home, we always need to carry some snacks for possible lows. Therefore, it is important for us to have a backpack that can hold all the necessary daily diabetes essentials.

Especially when we need to head over to a fun place where kids are going to be jumping and running around like crazy!

So here I was, on the search for the perfect small backpack for my daughter’s diabetic supplies, and one that is designed for today’s busy life.

Looking for the perfect diabetes backpack and deciding which backpack will work best for you and your needs, can be a hassle.

In this article, I am reviewing Sugar Medical’s Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpacks.

sugar medical insulated backpack

Disclosure: Sugar Medical Supply provided me with a supply bag for review consideration. Monetary compensation was not received for this post and the opinions on this post are my own. Please read my disclosure statement.

Sugar Medical’s Backpack for Diabetic Supplies

✅ Standard Benefits

  • Insulated compartment which compact design holds: glucose meter, insulin pens/vials, glucagon, snacks and water. It keeps them safe from the heat.
  • Has two mesh pockets, where each one holds a 16 oz water bottle.
  • Multiple pockets to store all your diabetes supplies.
  • Adjustable strap extends for easy carrying.
  • Space to carry personal items.

✅ Emotional Benefits

  • Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpacks is stylish and functional!
  • Keeps a type 1 diabetic’s essentials close at hand and secure. 
  • Helps manage diabetes on the go with ease.
  • Never worry about running out of supplies again. 
  • You can feel prepared and secure for anything with this compact backpack!

❌ Cons

  • It can be small for some people, which will not be ideal for an overnight backpack.
  • Some parents have complained about the quality of the backpack not lasting long.
  • The zipper straps may come undone, but still functional.
  • Ice packs not included

Our Story

Before we got Sugar Medical’s Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack (color haze grey), we only had a small diabetes supply case from Myabetic to carry my daughter’s diabetes backups: insulin vial, syringes, lancets, and test strips.

Since we use Dexcom, the continuous glucose monitor for her, these are just backups, in case of pump failure or Dexcom failure, while we are out of our home for the day, not an overnight stay.

As for snacks, we did not have anything to carry them on. The diabetes supply case was too small for these to fit, so we had to resort to carrying them in her school backpack.

Ever since we have the Insulated Sling backpack from Sugar Medical, it has been perfect for us! We have everything in one place, and we do not have to worry about not having what we need out of reach.


At the moment the Insulated Sling Backpack is for $49.99, but if you use my code: RACWD, or click the link here, you will get a 10% discount.

backpack for diabetes supplies

I was really excited when Sugar Medical reached out to me and asked if I would like to test and review their diabetes insulated backpack.

This is a wonderful product because it has so many features that make life easier for parents of diabetic children!

Yes, there are other backpacks on the market with similar functions but none of them have all these great things in one package.

Not only does this bag keep your child’s supplies cool (or warm depending on what you need), but it also comes equipped with a number of pockets and compartments which makes organizing everything easy as well as stylishly functional.

So before buying any other diabetic supply bag, look into getting the best backpack for diabetic supplies from Sugar Medical today by using my code RACWD at checkout and get 10% off your backpack or other products you buy!

Backpack for Diabetic Supplies: Sugar Medical Review

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