The Beginner’s Guide To Type 1 Diabetes

Your Child Has Just Been Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes Now What?

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Looking for that perfect gift?

Coming up with gift ideas for your child or any other child that has type 1 diabetes can be tough. You don’t know if what you are going to get them is going to make them feel sad in some way. That is why I have come up with some unique diabetes-friendly gifts that your child will love!

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Hey! I’m Maria

Raising a Child with Diabetes is tough. When you first hear the news that your child has this chronic condition, your world just chatters.

You will have some good days and some bad days when managing this condition. I am here to tell you that you are not alone in this journey.

“Thank you so much for creating a wonder website with free resources.”

Having a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is stressful enough alone but the high prices for supplies makes it that much more stressful so to find a website such as yours brings a lift to parents’ hearts, and I know it definitely lifted me.
My now 22-month-old son was diagnosed on Jan 1st 2021 at 16 months old. He will thoroughly enjoy some of the gifts I was able to request on your site.
Thank you with all my heart, from one mother to another. Wishing you and yours the best.

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